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slider33PitGear USA is proud to sell a wide variety of products related to garage and trailer organization, and works to provide products that are made out of strong, heavy gauge aluminum that can be dependable over a long period of time. These products are ideal for those who wish to store, organize, or even safely transport oils, aerosols, and other chemicals that can otherwise be dangerous if used with inferior products. We are proud to have our products able to be installed on your garage in minutes’ time, and we are especially proud that our products are 100% made in the USA, so you know the quality is top-notch for you!

Garage and Trailer Storage Systems

We have a wide variety of products for whatever you may need in terms of garage and trailer storage systems, ranging from ratchet tie downs, to air hose hangers, fuel jug racks, and even broom holders and more. Our products are designed with you in mind – for example, our aerosol can and bottle holder is designed durable to ensure your aerosol cans stay safe and immobile during storage, and to ensure that you can have easy access to them wherever and whenever you need them.

Our air hose hangers, fuel jug racks, and wide variety of other products are designed with efficiency in mind, as well, allowing you to hold and store the maximum amount of products in your garage or trailer, without worrying about space issues or safety problems. Let our products speak for themselves with their work, too – the 100% made in the USA craftsmanship will stand up to the test of time and allow you to get the most out of our products, regardless of the use.

Switch and Outlet Covers

We don’t just focus on garage and trailer storage systems, either – our switch and outlet covers are not only popular sellers, but are high quality covers that can protect the electrical outlets wherever you may need it. We provide a very wide variety of switch and outlet covers to meet almost any need you may have, and we are proud to do so with durable aluminum products that can be dependable and reliable over a long period of time. Knowing your needs, we make switch and outlet covers that won’t fall apart or become harmful over the years.

Here at PitGear USA, we are proud to provide for you the best products around when it comes to both switch and outlet covers, and garage and trailer storage systems. We pride ourselves on making products that are 100% produced right here in the United States of America, so that you know the quality is top notch, and the performance and durability will last over the course of time. We look forward to earning your business and maintaining our reputation with you over the years, to, as we continue to meet your needs and assist you in whatever kind of work and storage systems you may need for your particular job or hobby!

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