Home & Garage Chemical Storage

Home & Garage Chemical Storage

Storing Chemicals Safely At Home

Safety is the most important first step in the proper use and storage of chemicals in your garage, at home, anywhere. For materials used in garages and around the home, it’s important to have a storage system in place to prevent the risk of accidental leaks or exposure. PitGear USA is your online store for garage organization, trailer accessories, and chemical storage.

It’s not surprising that many of the materials you use everyday pose a risk to you and your surroundings. By understanding how to store these products, and having all of the available information you need, you’ll be creating a safe living and working environment. 


What Chemicals to Look Out For

The types of materials used in most homes and garages vary. Some of the most common include paints, thinners, and petrol. Work areas commonly have paint stripper, body filler, and anti-rust chemicals on the premises. The use and storage of chemicals must be done according to recommendations by the manufacturers, as well as common sense precautions by you. Using the material safety data sheets (MSDS) that are included with these products gives you the information that you need to know.

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The MSDS outlines safe disposal after use, as well as any environmental dangers that must be considered. It can prevent serious harm, and should be read carefully and filed for future reference.


How To Store Chemicals

The first step in storing any chemicals or oils is to take inventory of what you’re using. Consider the different types of chemicals as well as the amount. In many cases, alternatives are available that may reduce the impact on the environment and present a lower hazard.

Look for any drains that should be kept separate from chemicals. These chemicals often spill, and contaminate drain systems. The materials to assess include solvents, fuels, oils and disinfectants. Make sure these have been recognized and label appropriately.

Chemicals should have their own container for storage. Organize your materials by labeling each one with pertinent information. Some people file a list in a document for easy reference.


Chemical Disposal

The MSDS is often required to dispose of chemicals from your home or workspace. Understanding how to get rid of unused materials keeps you and your environment safe. When liquids spill, they soak into the ground. This leads to more significant contamination to nearby areas and water supplies.

Any contractors that you use for chemical disposal must have the required permits, and provide services that are appropriate and legal.


Making a habit of removing old chemicals keeps your storage in place, reduces clutter of materials, and lowers the risk of hazard. Having the right systems set up for storage gives you a safe living and workspace.

Chemicals used in the home and garage must be stored appropriately for their safe and effective use. By using the MSDS provided by manufacturers, you’ll have the information you need for the proper handling of materials.

By taking a full inventory of the materials you use, properly labeling them for reference, and using a skilled disposal service, you’ll have established the safest way to remove hazardous materials, and an efficient and healthy workspace. Keep these storage tips in mind, and obtain the materials you need for use of chemicals and oils.


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